Outskirts Gallery – Contemporary Northwest Art & Sculpture

Outskirts Gallery features contemporary Northwest working artists. Art is to be enjoyed, visually and physically, and putting art in the walk of everyday life makes for a richer experience. There are many working artists who have created a substantial body of work that reflects a rich, creative life. We are honored to represent 35 artists who have committed their lives to creating art.

Landscape and Land Reference works dominate the collection simply because we have encircled ourselves in Plein Air projects that create the vortex that draws us inward. Every artist has something to say about what is ‘here’ and ‘now.’






Featured Artists:

Alison Barrows-Young
Robert Bissett
Claire Bistline
Diana Botkin
Gregg Caudell
Morse Clary
Catherine Earle
Glenn Grishkoff
Ruth Hargreaves
Brenna Helm
Tamara Helm
Terrel Jones
Aaron Cordell Johnson
Gary Kaemmer
Marilyn McIntyre
Kenny Olson
Jared Shear
Romey Stuckart
Tom Woodward

And many more!

“Art is not a thing. It is a way.”
~ Elbert Hubbard